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Here you see Iranian Girls Mobile Conatct Numbers online. She studies hard and did her matriculation with flying colors. Leela’s mother used to make delicious pickles that were a specialty; her pickles were very popular among her family and friends. Get also Indian Surat Girls Whatsapp Numbers for online friendship and chat.

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Iranian Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Iranian Girls Mobile Conatct Numbers

Iranian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: To start her business she sold her father motorcycle and in the beginning started the business by selling the pickle at a nearby grocery store. In just a matter of days the pickle became so popular that the shopkeeper asked Leela to raise its price a bit and make it in bulk.

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Iranian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: One day when Leela found her mother weeping because she could not take the financial pressure anymore she decided to start the pickle business and continue her studies by earning for her educational expenses.

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Iran beautiful girls online

Iranian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Now both the mother and daughter have moved to Mumbai and Leela is enjoying a prestigious job at a multi-national company and her mother is doing her business with full dedication and have establishes a small factory and a huge house.

Name: Babak

City: Tehran

Language: Farsi

Interest: Books

Study: University of Tehran

Status: Single


Email Address: [email protected]

Whastapp Number: +984836492380

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Iranian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: In six months’ time the pickle business became so fruitful that Leela had to hire people to help her mother. She continued her studies and became an environmental engineer.

احصل على تحديثات في الوقت الفعلي مباشرة على جهازك ، اشترك الآن.

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لن يتم نشر عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني.

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