Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers for Friendship

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers for Friendship Her parents trusted her completely and were happy with her decision. Salma worked hard day and night and was able to fulfill her dreams. She became a civil engineer and secured more than 88% marks that made her prominent in the whole country as she was the only female who secured that much marks.

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp

Get Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers for Friendship Moreover, she was offered a job of a civil engineer in a multinational company with an attractive salary package which was only a dream for her family as most of the extended family members were not educated enough to work on high ranks.

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They tried a lot to spoil her pleasure of success but it motivated her to improve even further. Due to her dedication to her work she was awarded two promotions in the first year of her job and she became the chief civil engineer of a huge project of fly overs that were to be built in her city.

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Numbers

As Salma was a ‘Purdah’ observing lady she stood by the team of workers at the site even in the burning heat of June, people starred at her with disbelief as they had never seen a woman building bridges it was the time when things started changing and the people who used to object on her field of education started accepting her as a symbol of women empowerment.

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers

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